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9/25/2001 Meeting


10/29/2002 Meeting
9/25/2001 Meeting
1/31/2001 Executive Board Meeting
11/15/2000 Meeting
9/27/2000 Meeting

Meeting Minutes 9/25/2001

Introduction of New Members Tom Scarpato, Rob OBrien and Frank Monaco

NIHOA Membership Evaluations discussed group evaluations given out at Year-end meeting. Need to improve on our communications (more meetings) and Rule Knowledge (Open book test to be returned to Mike Campbell). All future probationary members to get prior year test and send it in to the VP. In addition, we need to build a line of communications with the teams. This should be through each teams captain. Lets make them one of our allies. During our captains chat before the game, please re-enforce this.

Treasurers Report Cash in the bank. We will bill all the schools, as we did last year, at the beginning of the season. The checks will be paid on Dec & Mar 15th.

ECHA Meeting League adopted a progressive Game Misconduct rule for coaches, (first offense nothing, second offense 1 game, third game two games and a review, etc..). One concern of ECHA is the abuse or potential abuse of the Game Misconduct Rule. This is not a loaded gun pointed at someone, we need to be very aware of that fact. Chuck and Ed emphasized that rule knowledge is very important along with game management. League using 2 ref 1 linesman system. All Navy assignments will have additional security (armed Marines possible). They are operating at a high state readiness and should be taken very serious.

2001-2002 Assignment Procedures Paul, will email schedules, everyone will have one week from distribution to give any game back to him for re-assignment. After that, they are your responsibility. Members need to try and cover games themselves before contacting Paul. Need games filled for the weekend of the 28th, 29th and 30th.

2001-2002 Chapter Goals

Rule Knowledge
Passing of annual rules exam
Meeting to review commonly missed questions and discuss interpretations
New procedure for Probationary Members

Icing Consistency
Review Icing Rule
Confirm wave-off criteria

Regular meetings to review situations, interpretations, performance status and rules
Add game situations to Web site

2000-2001 Rules Exam Review All new probationary members recd exam and returned it to Mike Campbell. All members are required to pass the annual rules exam. This years procedure is as follows. The exams will be sent as soon as we receive them and must be returned to Mike Campbell before our rules review meeting (tentatively scheduled for Oct 11th). At that meeting, we will review all the questions and thoroughly discuss those questions which were most frequently missed.

Membership Comments Leo Boylan brought up 2 ref 1 linesman positioning. Website link to be sent to all members via email.

Next Meeting Scheduled for 10-11-01, 7 pm at Neumann College



- Return all remaining evaluations to the members
- Inform the teams why icing may be waved off (turning away from the puck, playing the man, having the opportunity to play puck before it crosses the goal line).
- Patches are being sent to the new members and me. If you need one, please contact Kevin.
- Helmet stickers are being sent from NIHOA National. Placement instructions will follow.
- Jocko has sent an e-mail to the leagues requesting their league rules. Well post them as soon as we receive them.

If anyone has any additional questions, concerns or thoughts, please forward them to anyone on the board.

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