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NIHOA Archives
11/15/2000 Meeting


10/29/2002 Meeting
9/25/2001 Meeting
1/31/2001 Executive Board Meeting
11/15/2000 Meeting
9/27/2000 Meeting

Members attending:

Dave Quindlen, Ted Gerry, Joe Buttich, Antti Autere, Adam Urglavitch,John Wargo, Brian Lynch, Mark Alansky, Scott Perdue, Michael Turturici,Brian Murphy, John Search, Kevin Gavigan, Dennis Murray, Paul Valerio, Kevin Thompson, Russell Friess, Mike Condon, Bill McTavish, Ed Giacomucci, Mike Campbell and Chuck Zielinski

John Huffman has resigned as Secretary/Treasurer. Kevin Thompson will temporarly handle the Treasurer Duties and Mike Campbell will handle the Secretary Duties.

The 2000 - 2001 NCAA Test was reviewed by the chapter. The following questions arose:

1. Deliberate Violation of adding players to roster after start of the game. Can the player still participate?

2. Penalties that are giving before play begins when teams have just gone to a 4 on 4 situation. Should the penalities on the board be effected?

The National Chapter will be contacted for the answers.

Regarding scoresheets, make sure that sheets are checked and DQ penalties are identified as to the reason for the call.

A discussion was held regrading bringing in additional Probationary Members to eliminate the scheduling problems be encountered by Paul Valerio. Letters were received from the following:

Mark Visco - Mike Campbell (Sponsor)
Joe Franchetti - Ed O'Donnell (Sponsor)
Tim Foreman - Mike Condon (Sponsor)
Steve McDevitt - Paul Valerio (Sponsor)

All four officials were voted upon and received majority acceptance.

Special mention was made to Paul Valerio for the great job he has been doing assigning the games. It was also asked that everyone help out when available to cover open games.

Open discussion topics:

1. Iceline - West Chester games overhead area above the scorers table. Who should have access, if anyone?
Chuck will be discussing this issue with Bill.

2. Penalty box areas - Teams should have someone to operate the penalty boxes whether it be the extra goalkeeper or a parent.
Chuck is going to suggest this to the leagues.

3. The Webpage: This webpage will continue to be updated on a regular basis, by Kevin Thompson, regarding news and information that would of interest to our chapter members. Paul Valerio will use the webpage to post the most up to date scheduling information. This will also help with people who were having difficulity opening up e-mail attachments.

The next meeting will be scheduled sometime in mid to late January.