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1/31/2001 Executive Board Meeting


10/29/2002 Meeting
9/25/2001 Meeting
1/31/2001 Executive Board Meeting
11/15/2000 Meeting
9/27/2000 Meeting

The following is a list of topics that were discussed on January 31,2001

1. Directors Elections - Directors are up for election this year. The board is looking for those parties interested and Mike Campbell is going to contact the membership for anyone interested. Also, Mike will be checking to see if the current Directors would like to stay on for another go round.

2. Finances - We have approximately $6,000 in the bank and we are expecting checks from Monmouth, Montclair, West Chester, Drexel and the DVCHC within the next week to 10 days. Checks will be sent out by the 15th to the membership. The bank account has been switch out of John Huffman's name and the signatures have been changed to Chuck, Kevin and Mike.

3. National Meeting - National is having their annual meeting the weekend of March 24 in Worchester, MA. We have four tickets available to the NCAA Frozen Four Tournament (three of which are accounted for already).

4. ACHA National Tournament - It looks like we are going to be shutout of the Tournament in Tucson, AZ. We have talked to Josh and John Graves and they have informed us that the host team Arizona is handling all details along with USA Hockey.

5. Playoffs - ECHA playoffs are being held at Navy, we are talking with the Southeast Chapter about getting a few of those games. DVCHC will be determined as soon as the participants have been finalized, we should have about a week's notice on this one. MACHA is starting on the 16th of February.

6. Evaluations - Chuck has received approximately 30 evaluations and Fred has completed about 20 evaluations for the current year. We are sending out a questionnaire to the coaches looking for year end feed back. This questionnaire will include six brief questions.

7. Membership - The board discussed those members still on probation. The board will make recommendations at the year end meeting.

Meeting was ended at 8:30 pm with the following attendees: Mike Campbell, Chuck Zielinski, Fred Gray, Paul Valerio, Dave Wilson and Kevin Thompson.