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NIHOA Archives
10/29/2002 Meeting


10/29/2002 Meeting
9/25/2001 Meeting
1/31/2001 Executive Board Meeting
11/15/2000 Meeting
9/27/2000 Meeting




Alansky, Autere, Brody, Elias, Gavingan, Hanlon, Joseph, S. McDevitt, McTavish, Meinel, Monaco, Murphy, L. Murray, O'Hearn, Plosa, Quindlen, Rockwell, Ross, Rossino, Sands, M. Smith, Turturici, Urglavitch, Valerio, Wargo, Zielinski


President:            Chuck Zielinski

Secretary:            Mark Smith

Treasurer:            Nick Rossino


Chuck called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm in Plymouth Meeting.


DVCHC League: all DQs need to be reported immediately.  Please e-mail report to Chuck Zielinski (, Mike Campbell ( and Larry Wheatley (  This needs to be done within 24 hours of the game.


Millersville is back skating, but they will not make up the games that they missed.


Remember:  you can give a game misconduct to any coach.  This does not include trainers.  If a player is on the bench acting as an assistant coach causing a problem he can be assessed a game misconduct if you feel his removal from the game is necessary.  Please dont complain about players or coaches behavior after the fact, just assess the proper penalties.  Minor, Misconducts and Game Misconducts are our way of resolving either the problem or the cause of the problem.  Do not use profanity or insult them under any circumstances.


Discussed the procedure for the hurry up face offs.  The duties and responsibilities for having the proper number of players on the ice and everyone on-sides do not change with this procedure.  It is critical that one of the officials controls the line changes and the whistle is blown when the arm comes down.  We need to be consistent with this.  If there are any questions, please contact Zielinski, Campbell or Smith.


Discussed the creation of a Marketing committee within NIHOA.  This marketing committee will put together such items as new sweaters with an embroidered NIHOA logo, t-shirts, polo shirts, etc.  To kick this off this program, the chapter accepted the proposal to take $20 per member from the first check.  Mark Smith and Mike Campbell (Soups you should be there next time so you do not get assigned duties) will head up this committee.  Proceeds from this will go into the chapter fund for free garb or mid year parties.


The National Ice Hockey Officials Association Rule Examination was review.  It went around the room and each member that was present read the question and provided the answers.  Some high lights from the discussions are below:


  1. Helmets that come off during play:  it is critical that we all enforce that the straps for the facemask need to be securely fastened there are no exceptions to this.  However, the chin strap does not have to be securely fastened when the helmet is put back on during play but must be done so at the next stoppage.
  2. When the teams come out to start the 2nd and 3rd periods:  there should only be the starting line ups on the ice and there should not be a team huddle.
  3. It is critical that the score sheets be reviewed after every game to insure that all the penalties were listed correctly.  There has been some situations that the score keepers listed penalties improperly and caused some confusion.  Lets make sure this gets done prior to signing the sheet.


Anyone who missed the meeting needs to forward their tests results to Mike!


Nick Rossino handed out NCAA rule books and cards at the meeting.  If you do not have one, please contact Nick or myself to get one.


Paul Valerio handed out the schedule for the month of November.  There were a few openings, so please step up and fill these spots.


Last year, we failed to notify Matt Lawre that he was passed on as being a full member.  He would like to officiate High School Hockey in New Jersey, so we will add him to our roster for this year for that purpose.