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9/27/2000 Meeting


10/29/2002 Meeting
9/25/2001 Meeting
1/31/2001 Executive Board Meeting
11/15/2000 Meeting
9/27/2000 Meeting

Chuck Z. called the meeting to order at 7:15pm.

New members were introduced, 30 members were present.

We have a new scheduling method which Paul V. has started, so we must have good communication with each other to make sure that this method will work. Most of the scheduling will be done by E-mail, everyone is to send to Paul a list of availability for the month, Paul will then assign the games, making sure that the games are distributed equally to all.

Evaluations will be done this year, Fred Gray and the coaches will be doing the evaluations at each game, Fred will be visiting different games throughout the year. Chuck handed out a copy of the Maine chapter evaluation report that they use, the chapter discussed the form and the content and suggested removing the section on appearance. In general the form was accepted by the chapter. The evaluations will be complied at the end of the year for each official and an overall number will be given to each official which will help determine how the chapter is doing.

Rule changes were reviewed for the 2000 - 2001 season, diving, offsides, fighting, spitting and dislodging of the goal cage were all points of emphasis, these will all be further reviewed at the next meeting, when the test will be taken. The ECAC test was handed out and taken by the membership at the meeting, most of the members got between 15 to 20 wrong, so we need to review our rules.

Fred Gray's name will be sent to national for honorary membership at the national level. It was voted on by the membership and approved.

New systems ECHA 3 man system, 2 refs and 1 linesmen, Delaware and Penn State will use 1 refand 2 linesmen, DVCHL will use 2 man, some non-league games will be 2 man for the ECHA.

Housekeeping Items: Be on the ice for warm-up. DQ's must be reported back to the captain of the team and to the assignor or a member of the executive board. Updated member list and rink directions will be given out later. New teams in the MACHA are Penn and William Patterson and Princeton. New teams in the DVCHL are Penn State- Berks and Glouster College. Neuman has been accepted into the ECAC West. Make sure you get your pay sheet into Paul and John for the first half if you want to get paid before the holidays.

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