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Meeting Minutes 9/17/2003


2003-2004 Kick-off Meeting

20032004 Goal   Have Fun



$300 Contribution to Childrens Education Funds for Condon & ODonnell

Motion & Seconded Chapter will make contributions to both funds


2003-2004 Game Fees and Leagues     

            Overtime:       DVCHC                     NO

                                    MACHA                     5 minutes / 4 on 4

                                    ACHA??                     5 minutes / 4 on 4

                                    DVCHC                      Game length are     determined by Home Team


Web Based Assignments (Demonstration)

General approval from all members

Reminder: Regularly block dates & times, because games and officiating slots are constantly changing.

Clink on game number to find partner (partner will appear only after that person has accepted games).

Will this application sync with other applications? (Paul)


 2003-2004           New Rules and points of emphasis

Tests & Rule Books

Hitting to the Head

Goalkeeper chin straps & mouth pieces

Line change modifications:

-         5 seconds & 8 for home team

-         Must signal to benches the on-ice strength before changes begin

Goaltender interference assigned point of emphasis

Time-outs may be taken anytime during the game

Players must be stationary at face-offs

High sticking is determined by height of the puck striking the stick

Goaltender Face Masks At the ECHA league meeting, a couple of helmets were brought in.  The helmets are adjusted using the back head piece and not the chin straps.  This rule is going to be very difficult to enforce uniformly.  Please use common sense and make sure the helmets are as secure as possible.

The league coaches would like us to pay particular attention to hits to the head after the whistle. 



Probationary Membership Guidelines

Minimum 2-years

Officiate at least the 2 year average number of games officiated

Be proficient with rules and game management

Mark Smith will coordinate Probationary Member feedback

Much debate with several good ideas. 

Motion and seconded:

1)      Members are asked to fill-out evaluations of probationary members

2)      Mark Smith will contact officials to solicit comments about probationary members

3)      A committee will be created to help create an evaluation as well as the guidelines to be used in the evaluation.

4)      Board members will make every effort to work with and evaluate probationary members

5)      Goal is to have 4 evaluations for each probationary member

6)      All probationary from the 2002-2003 status will put for a membership vote in Dec

7)      New probationary members guidelines as listed above


Official Evaluations


October 10th ACHA Showcase

          NIHOA needs to demonstrate value to our existing clients.

            Improve communication with clubs

            -weekly contact coaches for feedback on the past weekends games

            Signing multi year contracts with clubs


2003-2004 Meeting Dates, Checks & Agenda

-Everyone must forward completed tests to Soupie by Oct 1st

            Oct 1st              Rules Meeting

            Oct 8th             Rules Meeting

            Dec 10th            Checks & Probationary Membership Status

            Feb 4th             Tournaments & New Officers Nominations

            Mar 24th            Checks & Voting (Probationary & Officers)

            May 4th            Year End Meeting & Golf