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The name of the association shall be the Eastern Pennsylvania - New Jersey Chapter of the National Ice Hockey Officials Association.


Section 1
The membership is open to all active ice hockey officials. Prospective members are nominated by present members to the Executive Committee for investigation. After the completion of the investigation, the Executive Committee will make a recommendation to the general membership for a vote. During the first year of membership, the new member shall be on probation. After the end of the probationary period, the Executive Committee recommend to the general membership whether to accept the new member as a full member, continue probation, or drop the member from the Chapter. A simple majority vote shall be sufficient to complete the process. Probationary members shall not have the right to vote.

Section 2
Membership dues shall conform to the following:
a. Membership dues shall be set by the Executive Committee
b. Membership dues shall be payable to the Secretary-Treasurer.
c. No games shall be assigned until all outstanding fees are paid by the member.

Section 3
The requirements for a membership shall be provided in the By-Laws.


Section 1
Elected officers shall be: President, Vice President, Secretary-Treasurer, Scheduler and three Members At Large. These seven shall comprise of the Executive Committee. The term of office shall be two years. Election of officers shall be as follows:
a. Officers shall be nominated in February, elected in March, and shall take office May 1. Election of the Members at large shall take place on odd numbered years and the election of Officers shall take place on even numbered years.
b. The nominee receiving the greatest number of votes will be declared the winner. In the event of a tie, there shall be revoting until the tie is broken. All nominees not involved in this process shall be dropped from the nomination prior to revoting.
c. Voting shall be done by secret ballot.

Section 2
A quorum shall consist of one-forth of the membership, of which a simple majority of present is necessary to pass any motion except By-Laws changes and impeachment proceedings.

Section 3
Elected officers may be removed under the following procedures:
a. A motion for impeachment shall be made at a regular meeting.
b. The entire membership shall be notified by mail of a special meeting to be called in the future. The date shall have been set at the regular meeting.
c. At least two-thirds of the members must attend the meeting and three-quarters of the members must vote for impeachment. The replacement for an impeached officer must be made as soon as possible.


Section 1
Duties of the President are:
a. Chief Administrator of the Association.
b. Presides over all meetings of the Association
c. Directs communication between various leagues and the Association.
d. Directs communication between the National Chapter and the Association.
e. Supervises all officials and officers of the Association.
f. Maintains responsibility for scheduling of officials.
g. Maintains the power to deal with issues on an emergency basis. However, as soon as possible, an Executive Board meeting shall be called to finalize the decision.
h. Assumes the duties of the Scheduler in the event the Scheduler in unavailable or assigns someone to assume those duties.

Section 2
Duties of the Vice-President are:
a. Assumes the duties of the President in the President?bsence.
b. In the event of impeachment of the President, the Vice-President shall conduct the hearing.
c. In the event of a successful impeachment of the President, the Vice-President assumes the role of the President. At the next reguler meeting, a replacement shall be selected for the Vice-President.

Section 3
The duties of the Secretary-Treasurer are:
a. Records the attendance and the minutes of all meetings.
b. Maintains a current list of all members.
c. Maintains a list of all teams and leagues serviced by the Association.
d. Maintains the Association files and correspondence.
e. Collects and disburses from officiating and other Chapter Business.

Section 4
The duties of the Scheduler are:
a. Responsibility for timely scheduling of all Chapter games.
b. Accurate billing of all assignments on a monthly basis. A copy of the bill shall be forwarded to the President and the Secretary-Treasurer.
c. The scheduler shall receive reimbursement for games scheduled. The fee shall be set by the Executive Committee.

Section 5
The duties of the Executive Committee are:
a. Conduct all necessary business between regularly scheduled meetings.
b. Provide business and instructional topics for meetings.
c. Handle the business portion of the meetings prior to the general meetings. All decisions made by the Executive Committee must be voted upon at the general meeting.

Section 6
The duties of the Nominating Committee are:
a. Develop a list of all prospective nominees. All nominees shall be seconded by the committee. More than one nominee is preferred for all positions.
b. The committee shall consist of three members who shall select a chairman. The committee shall be composed of the outgoing Executive Committee or the three Officers (alternating years)


Regular meetings shall be held monthly during the season, October through March, to be determined by a vote of the general membership. At least seven days notice of the meeting is required. All meetings shall be governed by the Robert?ules of Order, except as modified by the Constitution and the By-Laws.


Section 1
All amendments must be presented first to the Executive Committee and then to the general membership. An amendment shall be voted on at the next regularly scheduled meeting. All members shall be mailed a copy of the pending amendment no later than one week prior to the meeting.

Section 2
The quorum to amend the Constitution is one-half of the general membership. Two-thirds of those present must vote for the amendment to adopt it into the Constitution.

Section 3
The quorum for changes to the By-Laws shall be one-forth of the membership. All other procedures are the same as for amendments.


1. All members shall have NIHOA as the priority scheduling body, thus giving back or refusing other assignments that conflict.
2. Each member must make a professional commitment to the organization. In order to demonstrate this, the following rules of conduct shall be followed. These are to augment those directives contained in the referee manuals:
a. Each member shall be present at the rink at least thirty minutes prior to game time.
b. All equipment shall be cleaned and polished.
c. The proper crest shall be worn for all games. The proper crest is the crest that represents the assigning body.

3. All missed assignments shall be assessed a fine of double the game fee.
4. If there is a continuing problem with missed assignments, the following procedures shall be instituted:
a. One assignment missed - fine per paragraph three.
b. Two assignments missed - fine plus one month suspension.
c. Three assignments missed - fine plus one year suspension.
All of these procedures shall be voted upon by the Executive Committee prior to making the decision final. The offending member shall have the right to appeal to the general membership at the next regular meeting., The decision of the general membership shall be final.
5. All members shall make every effort to attend every meeting. If unable to attend, the member must contact an Executive Committee member prior to the meeting. Should the member not make contact, a fine of ten dollars shall be imposed. Missing a second meeting shall result in a twenty-five dollar fine and a one month suspension. All fines must be paid before any further games shall be assigned. Before any action is finalized, the offending member has the right to a hearing with the Executive Committee and a further appeal to the general membership. The decision of the general membership shall be final.
6. Prior to the start of each season, a test shall be administered by the Secretary-Treasurer. The test must be passed prior to any games being assigned to that referee.
7. Any member has the right to meet with the Executive Committee for any official business. To attend, the member must first contact the President.