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This memorandum deals with a few issues that have come up in the early season and need clarification. The rules committee hopes this information is helpful as the season gets underway.

1. Helmets: Safety is of the utmost importance to the committee and the renewed emphasis on the helmet rules underscores this area. During the pre-season clinics, a few questions came up that deserve clarification.

Q: What happens if a player's helmet comes off during play?

A: The player must replace the helmet, with chinstraps securely fastened, or go to the bench for a substitution. In the past, officials have allowed players to continue play as long as the helmet was put back on, but there was no requirement to reattach the chinstraps. The committee firmly believes that allowing players to continue   participation without the helmet securely attached must not be allowed.

A minor penalty shall be assessed to any player that participates in this manner.

Q: Some goalkeeper's helmets do not have a full chinstrap. How are officials to handle this situation?

A: The intent of the helmet rule is to make sure that all straps are fastened and the helmet does not become easily dislodged during play. All straps that come with the helmet must be attached securely and without exception. The committee will work with the manufacturers and testing agencies to make sure helmets are developed that remain securely attached to the head.

2. Remove interpretation: As part of the helmet focus, please note that the first approved ruling for Rule 3-4 (page HR-5) of this year's rules book is no longer valid. A player must securely fasten the chinstraps before participating in play.

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