League Rules


DVCHC Playing Rules & Eligibility / Constitution & By-Laws

I. League Meetings
1. Three league meetings are held annually:
A. Fall meeting: Rules clarification and interpretation, finalize schedules
B. Championship Meeting: Proposed new members and league scheduling, review of season and ACHA issues.
C. Spring Meeting: Final scheduling, season review, and rules revision, election of board members, review budget, review of ACHA actions.
2. Additional league meetings may be held as deemed necessary by the Commissioner or the Rules Committee.
3. The membership of the ECHA shall consist of any four year college or university approved for new membership by a vote of two-thirds (2/3) of the ECHA Board of Directors.
4. One vote allowed for each team; a simple majority will carry motions unless otherwise specified.
5. A quorum shall constitute at least half the membership in attendance.
6. A bench coach must be in attendance at all league meetings.
7. All teams must furnish updated names, addresses, phone and fax numbers and e-mail address for their teams to the league.

II. Rules Committee
1. A Rules Committee exists to handle any disputes between teams during the season, as well as to establish league rules governing equipment, length of periods, officials, disciplinary action, etc.
2. The rules committee will sit in judgment of rules violations and protests which must be submitted in writing. All protests must be acted upon within two weeks of submission in writing of the League Commissioner.
3. The Rules Committee will consist of all the league members who are not direct parties to a dispute.
4. The Rules Committee will meet as necessary to address any suggested rule changes or additions.
III. Financial
1. League dues are $600 annually unless otherwise specified by a majority vote at the regular league meeting. NOTE: $500 will be held for the presentation to the league champion to assist in travel costs to the American Collegiate Hockey Association (ACHA) Championship in the first weekend in March, if a birth is awarded. $100 will be awarded for each team's travel expenses to the ACHA playoffs.
2. Each league member is required to maintain a deposit of $200 as a forfeiture fee with the ECHA prior to its first league game each year. Should a team forfeit during the year, this $200 forfeiture fee will be used to pay ice rental and officiating costs incurred by the host school involved in the forfeit (or travel expenses incurred by a traveling team if the home team forfeits). A ten-minute grace period from the contact starting time will be allowed before a forfeit may be declared. Please have your team at the rink and ready to play on time. Every effort should be made to provide as much lead notification as possible should a forfeit become necessary, so as to minimize both inconvenience and expenses. If the league is required to reimburse a member ream due to failure of another league team to show up for a scheduled league game, the Commissioner is empowered to assess the offending team for the full amount of the reimbursements. Contracts are binding.
3. $25 fine for the late or non-submission of scoresheets. Scoresheets must be faxed to the league statistician and webmaster within 48 hours of each game. Official ECHA self-carboning scoresheets must be used.
4. $100 fine per team for non-attendance to any ECHA league meeting.
5. Championship trophies must be returned to the Commissioner's office at least one week prior to the playoffs, or a $25 fine will be assessed. If a trophy or banner is in need of repair, lost, or stolen, it must be fixed or replaced by the school in possession.
6. An annual FAX fee is to be assessed to each league team. New teams must pay for part of the purchase of the existing fax machine.
7. All ECHA members shall be a member in good standing and meet all the requirements of the American Collegiate Hockey Association - Division I and maintain player/liability insurance through USA hockey or other comparable insurance system. Every player must sign the ACHA waiver, roster, and other forms deemed necessary by the ACHA.
IV. Officials
All ECHA member teams must utilize either NCAA or NIHOA certified officials for all League contests. Teams are required to submit the name, address, and telephone number of the Head Official/Assigner for their area to the League Office at the Fall Scheduling meeting. This information will be distributed to the League membership. All teams are required to have written contracts with their local officials. Included in that contract must be the date, time, and place of all home games, the rates charged and the refereeing system to be used. It will be the responsibility of the home team to provide officials and assume the cost incurred by their non-attendance at all scheduled league games. All complaints regarding officiating should be directed to the appropriate Head Official/Assigner. In the 2001-2002 season, the ECHA will use a two-referee and one-linesman system, except for Rhode Island who will use a one-referee and two-linesman system.
V. Insurance
1. It is MANDATORY for all ECHA membership teams to purchase liability insurance through USA hockey or provide proof of coverage through their own University for a minimum of $1,000,000 liability insurance. All teams must present verification of this insurance coverage to the League Commissioner before their first league contest (preferably at the Fall Scheduling meeting). Failure to do so will result in elimination of that team from the league membership.
2. USA Hockey district personnel information is available from USA hockey Regional Directors upon request.
VI. League Play
1. Each league member will play each team twice in its division, once at home and once away. Each team will play each team in the other division once, either at home or on the road. No team shall schedule more than half of their cross-divisional games at their home rink in a given season. Teams will rotate home and away, cross-divisional games every other season. Exception to this rule may be granted if it is mutually agreed by divisional opponents or cross-divisional teams that it is the best interest to play the same opponent twice at home or on the road or the scheduling rotation of cross divisional teams is deemed infeasible. This rule is for a ten team league. The league suggests that the league maintain an even number of teams and that if the league should grow to 12 or more teams it is suggested that teams play each team in its division twice and play teams in the other division once. For the 2002-2003 season, the ECHA voted not to expand to more than 10 teams.
2. All ECHA games will count towards league standings awarding a team two (2) points for a win, one (1) point for a tie, and zero (0) points for a loss.
3. ECHA League play begins on October 1st. All games must be completed no later than one (1) week prior to play-offs, unless inclement weather forces a make-up game to be played. All teams must have complete schedules submitted to the league office by February 15th. It is urged that schedules be completed as far in advance of the league start-up as possible.
4. Teams must give 48-hour notice for cancellation of a game to allow for notification of officials and the ice arena management. All canceled games must be rescheduled 3 days prior to the playoffs. It is expected that all teams will complete their league schedules prior to the playoffs.
5. Teams may mutually agree to cancel a league game due to inclement weather or scheduling problems only if the cancellation does not in any way affect the standings and playoff possibilities of any league teams; otherwise, the game must be rescheduled and played.
6. When a team intends to forfeit before a scheduled league game the forfeiting team must notify the scheduled team and officials, notify the Commissioner, and fill out a game sheet noting that a forfeit was granted and fax it to the league statistician.
7. The forfeiting team shall pay forfeiture fees resulting from the loss of revenue and costs incurred for ice time, referees, travel, accommodations, advertising, etc.
8. All teams must submit and update their rosters, administration, e-mail, addresses, phone numbers, and fax numbers as they change.
9. All new members except for NCAA teams must be a member of the ECHA.
10. All teams will provide 5 complementary game passes to each team and the Commissioners office each season.

VII. League Championships
1. Starting in the 2002-2003 season, teams will make presentations to host the ECHA playoffs and the league will vote to choose for the site of the next year's playoffs at the spring meeting. Preference will be given to teams who have not hosted the playoffs. Payment for ice rental is the responsibility of the host team for the ECHA championship, unless the home team does not make the championship. In that case, all participating teams are encouraged to bring as many fans as possible to increase gate receipts. The gate receipts for the championships will be subtracted from the ice rental fee. If there is an outstanding balance, then the balance will be billed to the six participating teams.
2. A total of six teams will qualify for the league championship playoffs. Seeds will be determined by the number of points accumulated during the regular season. During the 2001-2002 season, winning percentages will be used. (See Rule VIII for Tie Breaker Rules). The Championship Tournament will follow the following playoff game schedule:
Day 1
Game #1 - Sixth Seed Versus Third Seed
Game #2 - Fifth Seed Versus Fourth Seed
Note: These games are single elimination and will not have a consolation game

Day 2
Game #3 - Lowest Remaining Seed Versus First Seed
Game #4 - Highest Remaining Seed Versus Second Seed

Day 3
Game #5 - Loser of Game #3 Versus Loser of Game #4 (Consolation Game)
Game #6 - Winner of Game #3 Versus Winner of Game #4 (Championship Game)
3. The team with the higher regular season ranking will always be the home team in the playoffs. Games #1, #2, #3, #4, and #6 cannot end in a tie; 5-minute sudden death overtime(s) as regulated by the NCAA rules will apply.
4. All teams in the championships will bring their own certified trainer to the playoffs.
5. All league teams are required to have one representative (preferably Coach or Team Captain) attend the league playoffs to assist the Commissioner with the following duties:
o All-Star Selection/MVP Selection
o Serve on Championship Protest Committee
o Work as ticket takers and hand out brochures
o Perform ID check if deemed necessary by the Commissioner.
Exception: Teams not making the championships will not be required to provide a championship representative when the championships are being held in another region.
VIII. ECHA League-Standing Tie Breakers
1. Total wins during the season; if tied then:
2. Head to head record during the season; if still tied, then:
3. Goal differential between teams involved; if still tied, then:
4. Goals for and against between teams involved; if still tied, then:
5. Goal differential from all League games; if still tied, then:
6. Coin flip.

IX. Trophies/Awards
1. Rotating cup to league Championship playoff winner.
2. Keeper trophy to Championship playoff winner.
3. Keeper trophy for the regular season champions and runner-up.
4. Keeper trophy for championship playoff runner-up.
5. 1st and 2nd team all-star ECHA plaques.
6. Honorable mention certificates will be distributed to nominated player. Teams will be permitted to vote for one of its own players for the 1st and 2nd team. Players on these lists must accumulate at least two votes.
7. All-Tournament Team will be named for the six playing positions.
8. Keeper trophy for Most Valuable Player in Championships.
9. AJ Ruth Coach of the Year Award.

X. Team Rosters
1. Team rosters must be submitted to the Commissioner on official ACHA roster form prior to a team's first scheduled league contest. The initial roster must have the official validation stamp of the University/College Registrar. Rosters will include a line for a player signature to use as a backup identification system. Each player must sign the roster before its submission to the Commissioner. Teams not submitting a roster prior to their 1st game will be fined $25 per game, for the first two games played without a roster, and face league expulsion thereafter, if still not submitted. The Commissioner may waive the fine if a team is experiencing a problem and notifies the Commissioner in a timely manner. Team roster is limited to 30 players.
2. Any additions to the original roster must be submitted to the Commissioner prior to the individual(s) in question playing in a League game.
3. While ID checks will not be required during the regular season, it is expected that all players carry current student ID with the to all games in case of an identification challenge situation. The Commissioner will gather signatures on a special roster form prior to all Championship games for comparison with the official team roster. These will include social security number and birth date.
4. Final roster will be frozen on February 1st, and will be forwarded by each team to their respective registrar for official Spring Semester validation. Any and all additions must be postmarked by February 1 to be eligible for ECHA League Championships.
5. Both the fall and spring roster must be certified (stamped) by the school's registrar to verify player eligibility as a bonafide student. Both rosters must be processed by the submitting team and sent to its school's registrar. After the registrar completes and verifies the roster, it is to be sent by the registrar's office directly to the Commissioner.
6. A player is entitled to four years of undergraduate eligibility. A team may appeal in writing to the Commissioner for a fifth year of eligibility for a player if he has only played less than 25% of the team's games in any one year.
7. Any formal challenge involving a player's eligibility must be presented to the Commissioner in writing. The Commissioner will then request proof of eligibility for the team of the player in question.
8. Student athletes who have played professional ice hockey shall not be eligible for competition in the ECHA.
9. Student athletes may receive only financial aid which has been properly channeled through the university's financial aid office.
XI. Game Regulations
1. A team may dress a maximum of twenty-one (21) players for any league game. It will be acceptable for any team to dress 19 skaters and 2 goaltenders or 18 skaters and 3 goaltenders. Within any season, a coach playing a disqualified player will be suspended for five league games for the first infraction, the coach will be banned from the league for that season and for any subsequent infraction the league will review the coach's future with the league.
2. ECHA games will consist of three (3) 20 minute periods with ice resurfacing after both the first and second periods unless the home team determines there is not enough ice time available to make ice between periods 2 and 3.
o The home team shall advise the visiting team of its starting and ending contracted ice time before the start of each game. If there are 15 minutes remaining in the contracted ice time after the third period and there is a tie score, a 5-minute overtime must be played. Otherwise, the game will end as a tie.
o If insufficient time does not remain for operating stop time, the necessity for running time must be declared by the host team prior to the start of the third period.
o League members must provide a 3-hour minimum time block. Teams not providing 3-hours of ice time will forfeit games ending in a tie when there would have been 15-minutes if three-hours were contracted.
3. All minor penalties will be two (2) minutes in duration. Majors will be five (5) minutes.
4. Fighting will not be tolerated! Fighting is to be treated as a game disqualification. The offending player(s) are automatically out for the next league game.
o First fight: Balance of game plus next league game (carry over to next season).
o Second fight: Balance of game and remainder of season.
o The offending team must escort a disqualified player by a non player immediately to its dressing room. An additional delay of game penalty will be assessed if this is not carried out to the satisfaction of the referee.
5. The home team in any contest involving game disqualification shall be responsible for notifying the next team on both team's schedules of the disqualification. This policy is meant to serve as a policing action of the ECHA disqualification policy. The penalty for playing a disqualified player in the player's next league game is an automatic forfeit.
6. If at all possible, no league games will start after 9:15 p.m.
7. A non-playing coach must be on the bench for all league contests. The coach must be familiar with all ECHA and NCAA rules and should remain throughout the season. Any change in coaching personnel during the season must be recorded with the league Commissioner. Assistant coaches should also be registered with the league office.
8. A team who continuously has blatant disregard for league rules, the league has the authority to remove the team from the league. Two or more teams disagreeing with the expulsion of the team in question will table the motion.
9. Any player who receives the first disqualification penalty must sit out the next scheduled league or non league game. If the player receives a disqualification penalty in an ECHA game, the player is ineligible to play the next league game. If a disqualification penalty is received in an ECHA game and the next game is a non-league game, then the player must sit out the non-league contest and the next ECHA game. The maximum penalty for the first disqualification is two games.

In the event of multiple disqualifications, if the disqualifications occur in non-league games, the NCAA rules will be applied to the next team's next scheduled games. If the multiple disqualification occurs in an ECHA league game, the player must sit out consecutive, requisite games according to the revised NCAA rule above, and must serve his disqualification penalties in the next ECHA league game. The league Commissioner or the Rules Committee will rule on a case by case basis using the above rule as a guide. Penalties carry over into the next season.
10. Sportsmanship of the highest order shall be observed by all players, coaches, and officials on and off the ice, before, during, and after the game in which they represent the ECHA. Unsportsmanlike conduct displayed by players or coaches towards the opposing team or officials will not be tolerated. A formal written assessment may be submitted by the officials and opposing coach at the conclusion of the game in which an unsportsmanlike behavior has occurred. Any player, coach, or team who continues to display unsportsmanlike conduct may be brought before the league for disciplinary action. The second GAME MISCONDUCT infraction by a coach or team representative will be reviewed by the Commissioner and the Rules Committee and will result in one game suspension, only if the suspension is recommended by the Commissioner and upheld by the Rules Committee. These reviews and any enforcement will take place as soon as possible after a written report is submitted. Subsequent infractions will be handled on a case-by-case basis and may use progressive discipline.
11. Any coach knowingly plays an eligible player shall be suspended for five games and barred from the playing facility for those five games.
12. The Commissioner may suspend a player or coach that has a history of severe abuse at the request of the membership even if any action is not suspendable by NCAA or rules contained herein. This suspension may be appealed to the Rules Committee.
13. An on-ice official must precede the visiting team on the ice before the pre-game warm up and before each period. Teams will not go on the ice for a pre-game skate unless an on-ice official precedes them on the ice.
14. The visiting team must precede the home team on the ice before the pre-game warm up and before each period. An unsportsmanlike penalty may be called if, in the judgement of the referee, this rule is violated.
XII. Equipment
1. All ECHA players must wear HCC approved face protective guards.
2. All ECHA players must wear full hockey outfit with all safety equipment.
3. Each team must have a complete matching set of home and away jerseys or else be forced to forfeit. It is mandatory that players' numbers remain stable throughout the season.
XIII. Home Team Responsibilities
1. To provide timer and scorer. Note - In the championships, each team will be expected to provide personnel.
2. To schedule three certified referees and send an official rating card and e-mail evaluations to the league Commissioner and referee association after each contest. Each home team must have contracts with the referee association in their district for all league games. Expenses relating to the failure of a referee(s) to work a game are the direct responsibility of the home team. Visiting teams are also to make out official evaluation reports and send them to the Commissioner.
3. To send out contracts for all contests including uniform colors and directions to home arenas. All teams are to have written game contracts signed by both the home and opposing teams for all league games.
4. To provide a certified athletic trainer or emergency medical technician, a fully stocked first aid kit, and access to immediate ambulance/emergency medical services.
5. To submit team rosters to the registrar and subsequently to the League Commissioner by the specified dates.
6. To fax official ECHA scoresheets to the league statistician within 48 hours of completion of the game.
7. To submit a game disqualification care to the Commissioner for all contests, league or non-league.
8. Home teams are to provide practice pucks for warm-ups for the visiting team.
9. To provide adequate security and keep fans away from the visiting bench, locker room, or behind the visiting goaltender.
XIV. Team Activities
1. No team or team members or coaches may participate in on ice activities organized or administered by any team member of the regular coaching staff from the last game of the season or March 15 to September 1.
2. Any recruit (freshman/transfer) may not participate in on ice activities with any ECHA member before the player matriculates within the university. A verified and documented violation of this rule will preclude ECHA members from league playoffs and will suspend the Head Coach for a period of time to be determined by the Rules Committee.
3. All teams are to send all scores for all league games to the league statistician on a weekly basis.
4. End of year statistics for all players shall be sent to the American Collegiate Hockey Association for each university.
XV. Scheduling
1. All teams are to first schedule ECHA games before it schedules any non-league games in any upcoming season. League scheduling for the next season is to be completed by the February Championship meeting; members must have ice contracts so they can be exchanged at that time. If one member offers another member three alternative game dates and the required league games cannot be scheduled due to previously committed games outside of league play by that other member, then, the game shall be forfeited by the team whose non-league game is interfering with league scheduling.
XVI. ECHA Commissioner Duties and Responsibilities
1. To set dates and location, establish agenda, notify League membership, and preside over ECHA annual Fall, Championship, and Spring Meetings.
2. To server as Chairperson of the ECHA Rules Committee and call special meeting as deemed necessary.
3. To maintain, update, and print ECHA Rulebook and to insure its distribution to all League members.
4. To compile and distribute minutes of all League Meetings.
5. To enforce League policy as dictated by the ECHA and NCAA Rules. Should any issue not be clearly resolved through league rules. The Commissioner will seek resolution through the Rules Committee, or, if appropriate, by League meetings.
6. To distribute invoices for League dues and forfeiture fees. Assess fines for late or non-submission of scoresheets, referee evaluation cards, and roster and non-attendance at league meetings.
7. To maintain ECHA financial records and distribute financial reports at all League meetings.
8. To monitor all ECHA forms for accuracy and adherence to deadlines, including:
o Team Rosters
o Scoresheets
o Game Disqualification Cards
o Official Evaluation Cards
o Schedules
9. To insure that an adequate supply of official ECHA forms is available to member teams.
10. To facilitate arrangement for ECHA Championships including:
o Secure Ice
o Hire and schedule officials
o Hire Security officers (if necessary)
o Order Supplies
o Secure ticket takers
o Notify teams and establish schedule
o Print roster program
o Issue publicity releases
o Pay all league bills
o Award Presentation
11. Attend Spring ACHA meeting.
12, To act in accordance with the league's bylaws.